Battling with Dark Circles? You NEED these substances now!

While the cause of dark circles around the eyes can range from shadows to less than optimal circulation, one of the most common causes of dark eye circles is hyperpigmentation.

What is that? Simply put, the other examples are situations where the area appears darker but, the skin itself is not actually darker. In the case of hyperpigmentation, the skin becomes darker due to irregular melanin production.

Those of you that suffer from it know how frustrating it can be and it can downgrade your appearance and affect confidence quite a bit. The causes of hyperpigmentation range: pregnancy, sun damage, genetics, allergies, medications.

Irrespective of where you fall on the cause spectrum, you’re going to want to arm yourself with one of the lightening products mentioned in this article.

Before we get started there are two things you should always do before anything else:

·      You should be consulting an aesthetic practitioner or dermatologist to establish the cause of your dark circles and where possible they may be able to guide you in eliminating the troublesome culprit.

·      Invest in sunscreen. If there’s only one product you should have as part of your beauty regime it should be this. Sun damage is a notorious cause of dark circles and when using some of these lightening agents the skin becomes more sensitive and even more prone to sun damage.

Okay without further ado; make sure that any eye cream you’re using contains one of these lightening agents.

1. Vitamin C. The super antioxidant is back again! Despite being great at protecting our under eyes from sun damage, vitamin C also contains skin lightening properties.

Similar to the other agents on this list, vitamin C works to inhibit melanin production.

While its lightening qualities may be secondary to overall skin health; you can expect creams and serums containing Vitamin C to produce a mild lightening effect.

2. Papaya. You probably were not expecting this. This amazing fruit has skin lightening qualities up there with the best of them.

For many who want a completely organic eye cream; this is the lightening agent of choice.

3. Kojic Acid. This substance comes from different types of fungi. Simply meaning, its naturally produced.

As with the others on this list it is able to prevent pigment formation and lightens the skin.

You can expect good results using Kojic Acid and it is relatively safe.

4. Hydroquinone. Probably the most well-known lightening agent, this has received a bad rap for being abused in skin bleaching and having some associations with cancer.

In reality, the amount of lightening is in relation to the amount used and it’s only been proven to be carcinogenic when ingested (please don’t eat it!).

Nonetheless, the typical 4% hydroquinone should be used under medical guidance.

Few, if any, eye creams contain this product due to the safety profile however, for some of you it may be necessary as the results are pretty magical when used correctly.

I cannot stress enough; this has to be medically guided.


Dr Uche

Dr Uche is an author and award-winning advanced Aesthetic Practitioner. He is also the founder of the founder of The Cosmetic Eye Clinic.