5 things in your kitchen that will give your eyes that filtered look!


So, for many of us Spinach is not part of our regular diet however, incorporating this amazing vegetable is relatively easy.

Add it as a side to meals or in the blender as part of a smoothie.

Why would you want to do that? Well, where do we start. Like other green leaves Spinach contains 2 super antioxidants called Leutin and Zeaxanthin.

They help protect against light induced oxidative stress, which basically means they go around sweeping up damage caused by the environment. This is one of the keys to whiter eyes.


This fish is packed with Omega-3 whose benefits have been chronicled everywhere.

As far as your eyes are concerned, omega-3 is key in higher quality tear production and keeping the eye lubricated.

The result is less irritation and whiter eyes. It also contributes to the quality of the skin around the eyes.

Remember, the skin around the eyes is the thinnest on the body so, it’s the first to show when we’re not living right but, also the first to show improvements!

Tea bags

This could just as easily have been coffee. So many of us turn to tea or coffee as a pick-me-up through the day however, they are often dehydrating us and causing poor quality, wrinkly looking skin.

I’m not here to tell you to break up with your caffeine kick; just change the way you relate. Pop chilled tea bags over your eyes or coffee paste under the eyes (be careful of the stain with coffee)!.

The caffeine from black tea or coffee acts to temporarily tighten the skin giving it a tighter appearance by drawing out excess water.

Also, tea bags contain something called tannins; this is a substance which helps reduce inflammation around the eyes.

These tricks are good for getting rid of that morning puff.


One of my personal favourites. We’ve seen those images of people with cucumbers on their eyes.

Add this to your morning routine and enjoy all the benefits including cooling effects that reduces blood vessel dilation (basically less puffy eyes). It also has an anti-inflammatory component.

Most of us think of inflammation and think of obvious redness, itching etc however, because the eyes are so sensitive, super low-level inflammation which you hardly notice, can contribute to swelling and dark circles. Cucumbers are high in vitamin C; a wonderful antioxidant.

Raw skinned potatoes

If you have sunken eyes, giving you that tired, scooped out look then potatoes might be the one for you.

However, we’re not talking about eating them.

Like other foods on this list we’re placing these on our eyes for 20 minutes in the morning. Sunken eyes are often associated reduced skin quality and some colour irregularity.

Raw potatoes contain a cocktail of vitamin C, enzymes that regulate discolouration and starch.

The vitamin C acts as a scavenger against free radical damage often caused by light that damages skin elasticity and causes discolouration.

As a result, you can expect tighter skin and often some mild skin lightening. The starch in the potatoes acts like moisture holding reservoir, it retains moisture and gives you a fuller look and less sunken appearance.

Dr Uche

Dr Uche is an award-winning advanced Aesthetic Practitioner. He is also the founder of the founder of The Cosmetic Eye Clinic.